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"Pilot" (original air date: 03.11.2002)
Emma Brody leaves her family, friends, and a broken relationship to take a job as a vice consul at the US embassy in London. On her first day, she handles a case with a free loader who strips down in the embassy lobby and demands a free trip back to America. In another sub-plot, Emma takes the custody of a 12-year-old girl whose father "kidnapped" her after a messy custody battle with the girl's mother who is a close friend of the US vice president. The episode closes with the embassy being bombed.
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"China Cup" (original air date: 03.18.2002)
In the weeks following the Embassy bombing, Emma is still haunted by the terrorist attack and is in much denial that it happened. Will this affect the sunny outlook she had on her new life in London? Also, Emma gets a new flatmate who has previous history with both Elque and Doug. Emma's ex-fiancee, Rob is in London to see how Emma really is. At the end, an unlikely person helps Emma release the pain she's been holding.

Bloopers * Credits * Music * Summary from FOX's official website * Transcript

"Driven" (original air date: 03.25.2002)
Emma can not drive in London because the wheel is on the opposite dashboard. When she is cruising along on the city bus, she runs into Jack Wellington. She tells him of her problem and he offers to give her lessons. Also, Emma's mother places an article in the local newspaper back in Toledo, proclaiming Emma as a "hero" in the embassy bombing. As a joke, someone at the office circulates the article. But Emma doesn't find the humor in it and she feels that she wasn't a hero because of a new recurring dream that she has. In the end, though, Emma realizes that being a "hero" depends on a person's definition and that she is a hero in her own way.

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"Long Live The King" (original air date: 04.01.2002)
Does Romance still exist in the world? Such a question burns into Emma's brain after having a "snog" (or a kiss of true potential) with Doug in a closet at the embassy. Meanwhile Emma is invited to James Wellington's engagement party by way of his brother Jack. Emma invites Doug but he stands her up. Other relationships around Emma seem to crumble as well so Emma finds solace in the old English saying, "The King is Dead. Long live the King," except to Emma, it's "Romance is dead. Long live Romance." Another sub-plot has Emma, being the junior member of the embassy, the new recipient of the Whitney E. Laine letters, written to the care of the embassy. Emma is curious so she reads the letters and finds them to be love letters and this gives Emma new hope about relationships.

Bloopers * Credits * Music * Summary from FOX's official website * Transcript