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"Long Live The King"

"Does Romance still exist in the world?" A question such as this burns in Emma's thoughts, especially when she shares a "snog" (a kiss of true potential) with Doug in a closet at the Embassy. Yet she is constantly reminded of his top secret job and the fact that he cannot make any promises to her about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile, Jack Wellington sends Emma an invitation to his brother James' engagement party. Gary convinces Emma to take Doug, but Doug stands Emma up. Emma is forced to go by herself. At the party, she meets Jack's girlfriend, Fiona, and discovers that it is his title and her money that are the basis of their relationship -- not romance. Fiona picks up on Jack's interest in Emma and takes every opportunity to size Emma up. Jack later apologizes to Emma for Fiona's behavior, and he confesses to Emma that his feelings for Fiona aren't what they used to be. At the Embassy, Emma is surrounded by romances in jeopardy: Elque and Liz try to balance their present situation with their heated past. Westerman and her husband, Bill South, come to terms with the final unraveling of their marriage. Emma finds solace in the English saying, "The King is dead. Long live the King." This means that there is always someone new to fill the throne. For Emma, the saying is "Romance is dead. Long live Romance."

A rich American dog breeder, Donna Franklin, pesters Emma for help in getting her champion Afghan hound out of quarantine so that the dog can breed while in heat. Emma works to push the paperwork along, just to keep Franklin's annoying demands of immediate action at bay. Sadly, Emma can relate to the dog's plight as she too feels the need for passion in her life. With the quarantine finally lifted, it is discovered that the hound has found romance with an unlikely mate.

Emma's ex-fiance, Rob, is thrust back into her life as he reveals to a stunned Emma that he has a new wife named Mandy. Mandy is in need of a Visa to move to the U.S. with him. Rob, who has only known Mandy for three weeks, asks Emma to adjudicate the Visa, thus making her a 'judge of their love.' Shocked by the news, Emma agrees, and after looking into Mandy's background, finds that she is a British tabloid topless model who tried to marry a Canadian citizen for the same reasons two years earlier. Mandy's heartfelt plea to Emma claiming that she truly loves Rob and is looking for a fresh start, a place to be different, strikes a chord deep within Emma's own desires.

Finally, Emma, being the junior member of the Embassy staff, is the lucky recipient of the undeliverable letters to a Ms. Whitney E. Laine. As a rule, the Embassy keeps the letters for a year, but for every new letter that arrives, one must be destroyed. Giving into temptation, Emma reads some of the letters and discovers them to be testaments of a true romantic love affair. Emma commits to reuniting the lost lovers and seeks out the writer, Garreth, only to later learn that Whitney was an exchange student who died years ago. Garreth's desire to keep his love alive for Whitney in his letters, gives Emma the hope that there are others still out in the world who are willing to take risks with their hearts.

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