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Emma Brody, a young woman from Toledo, Ohio, leaves her family and a broken relationship to become a vice consul at the U.S. Embassy in London, England. Emma quickly immerses herself in the excitement of living abroad while serving as a life raft for Americans in need of help.

On the plane heading for her new life in London, Emma meets Doug Roach, a fast-talking guy who, during his flirtatious assault on Emma, has a brief interlude with her in the plane's lavatory. It's a good thing she stops things from going further, because Doug, who claims to be an Embassy Courier, later turns out to be a CIA agent. Emma is embarrassed by her spontaneous act of passion. While she tries to later avoid Doug at the Embassy, it is clear his "mission" with her is just beginning.

When a father takes his 12-year-old daughter, Liv Faulkner, to London after losing a messy custody battle, her powerful mother (and friend of the U.S. Vice President) enlists the help of the Embassy to locate Liv. Emma befriends the girl, and as the matter is worked out through official channels, has Liv stay with her at her flat. Emma sees great similarities between them, and when Liv runs off in fear of being returned to her mother, Emma is devastated. Once reunited, Liv convinces her Mom that she has a right to be with both her and her father.

When Dewey Johnson, a citizen of the United States and self-proclaimed ambassador to the world, runs out of money, he enters the U.S. Embassy, takes off his clothes, and demands a free plane ticket home to the America. On her first day as a diplomat, Emma gets the naked protestor off the floor and helps to process his request. The Embassy declines, and during their time together, it is learned that Dewey holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, and he has chosen to live his life as a drifter in the world. Emma can relate to his desire to be free, and Dewey is able to help her deal with her anguish over Liv's disappearance. After ten days, Dewey is finally released, only to have a terrorist bomb cut his return home short.

During an Embassy Formal Dinner Event, Emma meets James Wellington, a charming 28-year-old member of the Royal Family who is immediately attracted to her. Being engaged and constantly in the tabloids doesn't stop James from pursuing Emma, who now is exposed to some of the most exciting elements of British culture. Later, James tells her that he's called off his engagement. With Doug still in close pursuit, the foxhunt for Emma has clearly just begun.

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