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"China Cup"

In the weeks following the Embassy bombing, Emma is still haunted by the terrorist attack, which shatters the luster of her new life in London. It is clear in her letters home that she is in complete denial of her pain and anger. Much of this anguish stems from the death of Dewey Johnson, whose unclaimed cremated remains have remained on her desk. Avoiding Elque's demands that she seek mandatory trauma counseling (and at the same time, dodging the men in her life), Emma eventually finds the means to release her emotions to grieve. She casts Dewey's ashes (well, most of them) into the Thames River. Like pieces of a broken china cup, Emma finds the way to begin to piece her life back together.

Meanwhile, Doug has spent the past few weeks heading the hunt for the bombers. This meant he had no time for Emma. He suspects that Algerian nationals are behind the Embassy attack. The secret nature of his job comes more into focus, creating a buffer between he and Emma. Doug challenges Emma about her interest in James Wellington's brother, Jack, flirting with her desires to have someone in her life. He remains concerned for her, and it becomes evident that he too was shaken by the Embassy blast.

Westerman introduces the new vice-council, Liz Shoop. Liz is on her third tour as a diplomat, and she was injured in a 1998 bombing in Kenya. She also has a prior history with both Elque and Doug. Liz becomes Emma's new flatmate, and she immediately bonds with their neighbor, Gary, the lead singer of a British underground band.

When two students, Jason and Gwen, attack British Minister of Agriculture Brackett with spray paint in protest of the UK policy on killing animals with Foot and Mouth Disease, Emma comes to their aid to keep the two out of prison. Jack Wellington, who helped stop the attack, takes note of her interest and asks her out to breakfast at Parliament. Emma thinks his actions are purely personal, until she realizes the Minister is invited as well. Brackett agrees to drop the charges if the students publicly apologize to him in court. The kids refuse, but they eventually change their mind - - after Emma gives the two a long, cold night in prison.

Emma faces her anger towards the bombing when she must process a student visa for Ahmed Rallah, an Algerian man who wants to study at NYU. When Rallah voices his frustration with his missing paperwork, Emma believes he could be tied to the blast. She sends his passport up to Doug to investigate. With time running out, Emma rejects his visa, but she later learns that Rallah was innocent after all.

When Emma is called to the London Bridge to aid an American being arrested for causing a car accident while on his cell phone, the suspect turns out to be her ex-fiancée, Rob. This humors Doug. Upon appearing in court, Rob is remanded to Emma's custody, pending a trial in three weeks. Rob, who claims to be concerned about her wellbeing since the bombing, has come to take Emma home. She reminds him of his cheating. Yet Rob insists that she had one foot out the door of their relationship long before his infidelity. With everything she's dealing with emotionally, Emma has no time for this discussion. But in the end, it is Rob who becomes her outlet of emotion so she can be free to rebuild her life again.

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