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"Living's about making mistakes. Dying's wishing you made more." - Dewey Johnson
"Heroism comes in many different came about trying to make a difference." - Emma Brody

3/13/2003: Hey all. I am in the process of phasing out my email account seeing as I can not check it at home. It's the pits. My new email is so please direct all email there in the future. The contact me link on this page is to this address but on all other pages, it is still the Netscape one. Please double check which one you are sending the email to. And also, I have the Driven transcript but I do not know when I will get the chance to post it here since I'm still all tied up with my twin's site. It's becoming quite popular. That's all. Ciao, Rory.

Dear our American Embassy fans from countries other than Canada and the United States,

Thank you for your support for the show we from the United States and Canada also love and tried to bring back. I have read on the petition that some of you have seen 5 or 6 episodes. You have seen more episodes than us in the United States and Canada. We only saw the first four episodes. I do not know if they were spoken in your native language but if so and your native language is also English, I hope that you offer to transcribe the two-hour finale that we in the United States and Canada did not get to see. I know of several people who would be eternally grateful for your generosity. I include myself and my twin sister in that category.

Sincerely yours,
Rory Parker

FOR ALL AE FANS: I am sorry that I have not been updating the site as often as I should have with photos and transcripts among other sections. My twin sister has gotten me hooked on the promising new WB show, Everwood and any free time I have is spent helping her with the transcripts of that show. (Visit her site at Not that I have a lot of time, anyway. Being a Year 10 is extremely busy especially when you're in as many clubs as I am.

Welcome to! And I am Rory Parker, the webmistress for this site. This site is the first place that you will find transcripts for the four aired episodes of the brief TV show, The American Embassy. Other stuff related to The American Embassy and the people connected to it, whether it be through production or other means, can be found on this site as well.

American Embassy stars Arija Bareikis and David Cubitt have several appearances this month (September 2002). Arija will be on FOX on 9/13/2002 when they air Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. She will also be on TNT when they air the "Matrimony" episode of Law & Order on 9/17/2002. One last thing she will be on is the Without A Trace pilot episode on CBS, airing 9/26/2002. Also continually watch HBO as they have re-runs of Oz, a gritty prison drama in which Arija had a recurring role. David Cubitt will have his own show on CBS, Fridays this fall.

Note: I am going to be on vacation from July 20th to August 3rd and I doubt that I will have time to update this site during my vacation.

Thank you for visiting my site,
Rory Parker

SEPTEMBER 12TH NOTE: Hello, everyone. I have busy working on this site off-line whenever I can. Soon after I arrived home from my vacation listed above, I was sent to my mom's house for the rest of the summer because my father went to England. He only got back a week ago and so I have not gotten the chance to tell you all this. 10th grade started for me on the 4th and that has been keeping me busy. I will try my hardest to get another update in by the end of September. A few things to see in the update, hopefully include: more of the "Pilot" episode transcript, more pictures, and more articles.

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Last update (on September 20th) included:

  • Uploaded the promised articles in the media section (not enough time to upload the other promised things today)