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Episode Transcript Disclaimer

I, Rory Parker, do not own the characters in the four stories which were transcribed for the fans of The American Embassy. The four stories were also transcribed for the fans of the actors who acted in The American Embassy because some of the fans might not have gotten a chance to watch The American Embassy and I would like give those fans the illusion that they had in fact watched the show. I also do not own any rights to The American Embassy. The characters of the show were created by James Parriott and belong to him, Jersey Television, and perhaps 20th Century FOX Television. I do not know if 20th Century FOX Television still retains rights to The American Embassy because FBC cancelled the show after four episodes.

The four stories on this site are not novelizations or scripts. They are straightforward and dry transcripts of the four episodes. The transcripts also include descriptions of the settings, action scenes, and camera movements where I felt they were needed.

I made every effort (including asking for help from Jillian Koch and various others where transcription help was needed) to accurately transcribe the spoken dialogue from the episodes. If you should encounter anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please email me and I will post an update ASAP.

I wrote all English lines in the "scripts" to the best of my ability. All non-English lines were written and translated to the best of the ability of Shannon Miller, webmistress of These translations of the non-English lines are shown in the following format: {"Name of foreign language the line was spoken in": "Translation of the line"}

My personal notes to clarify some points which I feel are unclear are shown in the following format: {Personal Note: "Personal note"}