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All About James D. Parriott

James D. Parriott was an executive producer and a writer on the show. He also was the show's creator and the "Pilot" and "China Cup" episodes were written by him.

Information as found on's American Embassy site:

For the last 20 years, James D. Parriott has worked primarily in television as a writer/creator, director and executive producer/show runner. His creator credits include "Voyagers!," the syndicated cult hit and Gemini Award-nominated "Forever Knight" and "Matt Waters," the 1996 series starring Montel Williams. In 1990 Parriott produced the series "Elvis -- The Early Years," which was one of Time Magazine's Top Ten Shows of the Year. More recently, he executive produced the series "Dark Skies."

For film, Parriott wrote and directed the feature "Heart Condition" starring Denzel Washington.

Parriott received a Bachelor of Arts in theatre and mass communications from the University of Denver, and a Master of Fine Arts in film from University of California at Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.