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Write Your Version Of The Season/Series Finale
Hosted by: Rory Parker, webmistress of

Rory Parker invites YOU to write your own version of the unaired two-hour finale that was supposed to air on April 8, 2002. But it must meet certain criteria such as Gary must have a better storyline than he had in other episodes because it was leaked that Gary's best storyline was going to be revealed in these two final episodes. Gary and his band also must perform a song called "Star" because through some investigation, it was found that three songs were recorded by Retriever (Michael Cerveris' real-life band) for The American Embassy. Through watching the episodes, it was found that two of the three songs previously mentioned were already played. The only one not played in the four aired episodes was a song with the title of "Star". Emma and Doug must be in France for at least part of the story. That was also leaked.

There is no deadline for this contest. You can take as long as you like. Rory Parker originally had a deadline for this contest but no one replied by the deadline so Rory revoked the deadline for the contest.