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Guest and Recurring Characters
(last name first unless unknown then first name first. If that unknown, the title given to the character in the credits is given. Alphabetical)

  • Babe (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Barkeeper (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Bomb Squad Captain (Episode: "China Cup")
  • British Cop (Episode: "China Cup")
  • Brody, Dad (Episodes: "Pilot" and "Driven")
  • Brody, Jules (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Brody, Mom (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Cabbie (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Clemens, Dean (Episode: "Driven")
  • Crude, Marissa (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Cunningham, Amanda (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Faulkner, Liv (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Faulkner, Mr. (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Franklin, Donna (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Garreth (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Goodwin, Rob (Episodes: "China Cup" and "Long Live The King")
  • Griffin, Keith (Episode: "Driven")
  • Gwen (Episode: "China Cup")
  • Hector (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Hobart, Tom (Episode: "Driven")
  • Humphrey, Fiona (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Jackson, Hank (Episode: "Driven")
  • Janitor (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Jason (Episode: "China Cup")
  • Johnson, Dewey (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Katie (Episode: "Driven")
  • Landlady (Episode: "Driven")
  • Macovoy, John (Episode: "China Cup")
  • Magistrate (Episode: "China Cup")
  • Mandy (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Pierce, Molly (Episode: "Pilot")
  • Police Captain (Episode: "China Cup")
  • Quarantine Guard (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Rallah, Ahmad (Episode: "China Cup")
  • South, Bill (Episode: "Long Live The King")
  • Wellington, James (Episodes: "Pilot" and "Long Live The King")
  • Zelon, David (Episode: "Driven")