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The American Embassy is a television show about the inner workings of an embassy. The United States embassy in London, England to be exact. We saw several things that an embassy does when we saw the show. But it is not just about the embassy. It is also about a person given the name of Emma Brody (she works at the embassy as their new vice consul) and her understanding of what it means to be a person. The show starts with Emma describing a recurring dream to her sister Jules. A dream where Emma is running. Only she doesn't know if she's running toward something or from something. Later she admits all she wants to do is to stop running. Because she is so tired of running.

Emma describing the dream to her sister Jules is through an email conversation. These email conversations (or "volume[s] of sisterly advice" as Emma calls them) is a key element to the show. Through the emails, we understand what Emma is going through as she sees it.

But it would be a very boring show if we did not see other characters and Emma's interaction with them. I'll start with Doug Roach, an embassy courier pigeon or so he tells Emma when they first meet on Emma's flight to London to arrive for her new job and life. Later, as Emma finds out, Doug is a CIA agent and has quite a reputation with the ladies.

There are also the Wellington brothers, James and Jack. Jack is the older one as exemplified that it is said that he is the heir to Wellington estate. The Wellington brothers are rich. Very rich. The godfather of James is a member of the Royal family. At first Emma asks "You're kidding, right?" But he wasn't.

So you can see that Emma is involved in a complicated love triangle.

Others on the show include Carmen Jones, another vice consul at the embassy who's always joking but means the best for Emma; Elque "Q" Polk, Emma and Carmen's boss and a consul general at the embassy; Liz Shoop, Emma's second roommate and yet another vice consul at the embassy; Gary Forbush, a cross-dresser and a next-door neighbor of Emma and Liz's (Emma confides in Gary a lot); and Janet Westerman, the deputy chief of mission at the embassy and Elque's boss.